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Solar panels
Image: Carl Attard

Sustainable Tasmania is alive! Well our new website is — look around to learn more about our exciting peer-to-peer energy trading platform.

The future is technology driven and across the world and even in areas of Australia, peer-to-peer energy generation and consumption is becoming the foundation of future building developments including housing sub-divisions.

With the rising cost of energy and a mixed national debate about the future, Sustainable Tasmania is about giving our primary producers an element of independence.

The main advantages are:

  • No middle man — people make deals on their own terms;
  • Everyone saves money;
  • Transparent dealings directly with other consumers; and
  • Participants belong to the Co‑operative.

Peer-to-peer energy trading allows:

  • Trade renewable energy to other agri-businesses at an agreed price;
  • Choose to buy solar energy from a neighbour, local wind or solar farm;
  • Choose to source as much energy as possible from distributed solar systems across the primary industries sector.

Peer-to-peer solar energy is a logical development in the fast-growing sharing economy which see things such as housing (Airbnb), cars (Uber) and loans go from person to person rather than a large commercial enterprise to consumer.

Like to find out more? Send an enquiry today and one of our team will contact you to discuss how this project can fit into your agri-business.

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